Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[ADV] Pyzis

Hi guys! Finally sitting down to do write this post. If you had read my previous post, you would know that I'm going to introduce you to a new blogshop today.



" Pyzis sells a range of apparel and accessories based 
in European, American and Korean fashion trends. "

Long Chain Bracelet

Doesn't this looks good? I was expecting the chain to be made up of metal though. This is made up of plastic. Nonetheless, it still looks as good and what's even better that the weight of them item is really light and it was comfortable for me to wear it around my wrist.

Not to mention that I've actually received the item last Tues and I told them that I'll do this advert within a week because I may be busy with school assignments and they're really understanding and allowed me to do it when I'm free.

Do check them out for weekly-released new collections, 

For more update/info:
Webstore: www.pyzis.com 
To my readers and followers out there, this special treat is just for you!
Quote "pyzisxclxh" to enjoy 5% off you purchase.
Also, all the price stated is already inclusive of normal postage.


Unknown said...

You are so confident:)) stay happy always!

Anonymous said...

That's really sweet of you dear, thank you! The same goes from me to you (: